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A warm welcome from us here at  LateralLife NZ.

We are a travel design business with an expertise in creating unique travel experiences. Our travel specialists - based in our offices in London, United Kingdom, and Auckland, New Zealand - have years of personal and professional 1st-hand knowledge in searching the far corners of this wonderful planet. At LateralLife, we do not sell travel 'product' - we only recommend to you those experiences that we have sampled and approved ourselves.

LateralLife NZ has one mission - to stretch your imagination far enough to ensure and experience that you have, until now, only dreamt about. The LateralLife  philosophy is to find out what you

"...always wanted to do"

and make it a reality !

Its easy to let the years slip by without visiting those places you've always wanted to see.    Everything is possible, anywhere, anytime and at  LateralLife we focus on YOU -your timetable,  your budget and how far  you want to go.

Let your dreams fly high and we'll work with you to produce a holiday which fits your every dream and desire.   We are here to get to know YOU and love to offer suggestions, alternatives and hidden treasures - we love it most when we can help you think laterally !   Whether you are looking for a quiet relaxing break, a spine tingling adventure thrill or to share a '1st time' experience with your loved one, we will make it happen in the most enjoyable way possible.

We look forward to working with you, where your dreams come true.

Yours laterally

Mark Wood.

Owner -  LateralLife NZ

Mark Wood

My wife and I are both busy professionals with 4 kids so planning our dream trip to New Zealand for a family holiday could have been a nightmare. Instead it was brilliantly organised by laterallife NZ and we merely had to board the plane without having added to pre-departure stress. We absolutely loved the people and places we met in New Zealand and our kids still talk about seeing the dolphins and whales. My wife still dreams about the food and wine ! Thanks so much again to laterallife, you guys were simply amazing throughout.

-Chris Ramage - Law Partner. Leeds, United Kingdom.

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