From the spectacular Victoria Falls in the South and the banks of the mighty Zambezi to the shores of Lake Tanganyika in the North via world class national parks teeming with game - Zambia offers a plethora of things to do and see. All this in relative solitude; the country is half the size of Europe and with only ten million people.

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The most iconic landmark in Zambia is the spectacular Victoria Falls. They are so enormous that the spray can be seen from miles away. The sheer sight of the torrents of water plummeting down the falls, churning in the 'Boiling Pot' and then entering the Batoka Gorge is awe inspiring. On the whole adrenaline junkies are in their element here with a vast array of extreme sports activities such as white water rafting, abseiling, gorge swinging and river surfing on offer. Or take it in with the 'Flight of the Angels', stunning aerial views of the falls by helicopter, microlight or fixed wing aircraft.

A trip to the shores of Kariba wouldn't be complete without a walk on the mammoth dam wall. The views to either side are utterly contrasting. To one side the seemingly endless expanse of the lake and to the other a sheer drop off to the gorge far below.

Water aside most travellers are enticed to Zambia by its superb game reserves. The game and parks will impress even the most seasoned safari aficionado. South Luangwa game reserve is one of the top game reserves in the world, with over 60 species of animal and 400 kinds of bird at the last count. Night drives are excellent for leopard spotting and you couldn't possibly miss the hippos; they number 50 per kilometre of river within the park.

The Lower Zambezi is Zambia's newest park and fairly undeveloped. This beautiful wilderness is a great place to get up close to game as the animals 'island hop' in and out of the Zambezi channels. The canoe safaris here are unbeatable.

Kafue is the oldest, and largest, park. The diversity of wildlife here is astounding. Particularly impressive are the Busanga Plains in the North of the park. This area is untouched by human development and forms a vast flat expanse which stretches as far as the eye can see. In the wet season the flatlands here flood and become a huge watery wilderness.

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