Although a small land locked country, Zimbabwe has something to offer for everyone: active adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and those with an exquisite eye for beauty alike.


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In the north of the country, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is indeed one the world's greatest geographical sites. The two mile wide curtain of water plunges into Zambezi Gorge creating a 'smoke that thunders' and rises almost 500m skyward. For you thrill seekers out there, take a leap of faith and bungee from the Victoria Falls Bridge (linking Zimbabwe and Zambia), or perhaps you would prefer white water rafting in Zambezi Gorge, 'the adventure capital of Africa.'.

With a number of national parks wildlife in Zimbabwe flourishes all year round. Walk with the lions and watch them roam freely amongst the hippo, buffalo, crocodiles and elephants, or observe the leopards, zebras, monkeys and rhino (black and white) from atop an elephant or within a canoe. Some of the finest canoe safaris in Africa take place at Mana Pools.

The Matobo Hills, a UNESCO world heritage site, are a profusion of densely packed granite landforms, creating a sea of hills. The Mwari religion, which is still practised in the area and may date back to as far as the Iron Age, is the most powerful oracular religion in Southern Africa. The Matobo rocks are seen as the seat of God and ancestral spirits. Contact can be made with the spiritual world from sacred shrines within these hills.

But, if waterfalls, animals, sunsets and shrines haven't quite grasped your attention, don't worry there's more. Great Zimbabwe, the country's capital during the Iron Age (1100-1450), is home to the UNESCO world heritage site of The Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Beautifully set at the head of the Mutirikiwi River, in a lush and flourishing valley, the ruins spread over 722-ha. Here, men moulded structures around existing granite outcrops and balancing boulders.

As a result of the social and political woes in Zimbabwe over the past decade or so, together with the economy in a fragile state, many potential travellers have been deterred from visiting Zimbabwe and experiencing some of the most breath-taking scenery and first-class safaris in Africa. However, the country's reputation for stability is improving rapidly and tourism in Zimbabwe is flourishing once more.

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