Jordan is one of the great cultural centres of the Middle East with a rich historical heritage and breathtaking geographical features. With its desert castles, Islamic architecture and biblical connotations, Jordan offers a magical experience.


Anman CitadelBaudin Camp in Wadi RumDead Sea, JordanDiving AqabaPetra at nightJerash

A good place to start is Amman, the capital city where a unique blend of old and new buildings dot the skyline. Jordanians used to measure social status by how much silver a person owned and in general all the Bedouin people are proud of their silver work. The ruins of ancient Amman at the Citadel, the Roman Theatre and the impressive National Archaeological Museum are a must if you are to immerse yourselves in this diverse city. Darat al-Funun is the home for arts and artists not only for Jordan but the whole of the Arab world.

The ancient city of Jerash lies on a plain, surrounded by hilly wooded areas and fertile basins. The city's golden age came under Roman rule and it is generally acknowledged as one of the best preserved Roman towns in the world. The Jerash Festival held every July turns this ancient city into a cultural spectacular of folklore dancing, ballet and opera.

The easy going town of Madaba is best known for its historically significant Byzantine era mosaics. Close by is Mount Nebo where you can drive the route that the prophet Moses was forbidden to travel on by the King of Edom. The sanctuary at Nebo is Moses' memorial and the presumed site of his death. It has been the centre for pilgrimages since early Christian times and from its apex you are afforded spectacular views of the Jordan valley, the Dead Sea and the rooftops of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The ancient stronghold of Karak lies within the walls of the old city and is one of the highlights of Jordan. The castle dominates the town and is where the crusaders and Islamic Armies had their legendary battles.

The King's Highway is one of Jordan's most scenic roads and gives the visitor a rural glimpse of Jordan. Highlights of this route include the stunning Wadi Mujib dubbed "Jordan's Grand Canyon" which provides a nice sojourn on the way to the famed rock-sculptured wonder of Petra.

The village of Wadi Musa meaning the "Valley of Moses" is where you can enjoy the adventure of Jordan. The Rum Visitor Centre permits you to go into the desert in a 4WD where you are transported to the deep desert for walks, sunset views and overnight camping. Wadi Rum is still the preserve of the Bedouin and their low black goat-hair tents can be seen dotting the landscape. Rum valley is best experienced in the early morning or late afternoon when the lighting is at its best.

The Dead Sea region provides the visitor with a plethora of choices not least floating in the sea itself. This beautiful, dramatic area flanked by mountains to the east and Jerusalem to the west was once the home to five biblical cities including Sodom and Gomorrah. The Jordanian east coast of the Dead Sea has evolved into a major hub of both religious and health and wellness tourism. A diving trip to Aqaba is perfect for scuba enthusiasts.

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