What service does LateralLife provide ?


LateralLife is a premier travel company specialising in designing and delivering 100% tailor-made holidays, for you.   Through our offices in London, United Kingdom, and Auckland, New Zealand, we have an incredible depth of knowledge through personal and professional travel experience of over 60 countries throughout Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australasia. At LateralLife, travel is our passion.


How expensive is a LateralLife holiday ?


A LateralLife holiday is tailored for you and this includes your budget. While we specialise in 'luxury travel' at LateralLife, we believe that everyone has a different  level of expectation and means. We can tailor your holiday to utilise the majority of your budget on unique guided experiences, or the balance on boutique accommodation - this is your choice. And the initial inspiration comes for FREE at LateralLife - please contact us now for a no-obligation consultation.


What is a ‘sabbatical’ ?


LateralLife have specialised in 'luxury and sabbatical travel' for over 10years. Sabbaticals have become increasingly popular for professional executives and VIP's to experience an extended career break or incentive leave. LateralLife is THE premier travel company specialising and delivering 100% tailor-made sabbaticals . Sabbatical travel is complicated, highly-detailed, and is your opportunity to take that 'once-in-a-lifetime' holiday that you've always dreamt about and may take you away from home for months. This is a job for specialists.


Why don’t I plan and book my own holiday ?


There are many things to consider when designing your own holiday, beyond the destination information and accommodation that you can find online.  But many of the travel experiences tailored with LateralLife are simply not available on the internet. And why would you want to move from one generic hotel to the next when variety and contrast will keep everyone interested ? At LateralLife we ensure not only your hotel is tailored to you, but also the activity, the location and the choice of guides and transfers. Maybe you would like to meet with local people in their homes, or watch them create art in their workshops, or stay at historic haciendas that we have personally vetted. In short, these are experiences that go beyond the internet offerings and are what will make your holiday unique to you.


What makes a LateralLife holiday different ?


Piecing together weeks, or months, of travel seamlessly together is a complex task. Not only are there your flight schedules to consider, there are also departure days of expedition boats or safaris, remote lodges and hidden retreats. You will want a familiar meal from time to time but also that hole-in-the-wall delicacy provided by a local family business. Maybe you will also want a meal for a special occasion provided by a Michelin chef in a private setting. These will prove to be memorable experiences that simply cannot be booked on the internet. Tailoring a holiday with two country combinations, let alone three continents, all with their differing language and culture differences, takes specialised knowledge with expert in-country partners who can be trusted to get it right. At LateralLife we understand 

Isn’t the internet cheaper ?


Our research tells us that our wholesale prices can be up to 40% cheaper than the best rate posted to consumers on the website. Our network of independent in-country partners, with their vast local knowledge, connections, bulk buying power and thirst for the next 'new experience', can acquire rooms and activities at rates which are simply not available to the general public.

Why not just book with a retail travel agent ?


Your local travel agent will sell you a holiday package straight off the shelf. And the same package to the next person through the door. And again. By talking or meeting with you in person, we gather information to understand your own unique interests, budgets, family requirements and business demands. Only then can we build a trip around your preferences, tailored specifically for you. No retail package knows you before you walk in the shop door.

What happens if there is a problem during the LateralLife holiday ?


Of course there can be a number of problems that can arise on any holiday - flights missed, sicknesses picked up, baggage lost, weather disruptions. If this happens, we will be tracking your progress and inform you about appropriate plans to change your itinerary mid-trip at minimal extra cost and, where possible, obtain refunds for you. The internet or retail package does not have a 'correct the day' button with 24/7 access to solve any problem that may arise - with offices in opposite timezones in United Kingdom and New Zealand, LateralLife is perfectly placed to respond to your every need, when you need it.

What if I want to go somewhere ‘off the beaten track’ ?


We thinklaterallyat LateralLife - off the beaten track holidays are what we specialise in !


What happens if I need to change the holiday at the last minute ?


Flexibility is our key strength - we changed the departure of an 8 week sabbatical with only one week to go.  We will advise you in advance of all cancellation periods, but our close relationship with providers and in-country partners means we are better placed to respond than any retail travel agent.

Why do LateralLife clients prefer our tailored holidays ?


Every holiday has been planned for you, with you. The LateralLife client gets a unique experience and their Testimonials record what makes it special to them - see www.laterallife.co.nz/testimonials

Am I too old or my children too young for a LateralLife holiday ?


Our youngest traveller was 6months old at departure and 18months old on his return (and swimming like a fish). You are never too old to travel - its what keeps us young with fresh memories !

When is it too early or too late to book with LateralLife ?


The sooner we start talking with you about your trip, the more likely you are to make itlaterally-special. Is it ever too late ? Rarely; we have organised a 3month sabbatical with only 4 weeks notice. We do prefer a little longer as accommodation and flight availability may be compromised and thus costs higher. 

Travel Vouchers Competition (June2015 Newsletter) – Terms and Conditions


The $1000 Travel Voucher applies only to travel from New Zealand  to Sth East Asia or Africa or Sth America for a minimum of 2 weeks. Prizes are 1 x Voucher to each of (a) Sth East Asia and (b) Africa and (c) Sth America. Flights excluded. Booking period within 12months of Prize being awarded. Winners announced on July 31st.

laterallife NZ organized a wonderful 2 week trip around New Zealand for my elderly parents and I. Every consideration and detail was made to ensure our every experience was a genuine connection with the Kiwi people, who touched our hearts with their generosity. We now have a special place in our heart for New Zealand and thanks again to laterallife NZ for making such special memories for our family.

-Domitilla Pozzi - Banking Executive. Rome, Italy.

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Thanks to laterallife NZ for making our Anniversary holiday to Fiji such a joy and, mostly, for taking all the stress and hassle out of the pre-trip planning. Every thought and detail had been anticipated and we felt like VIP guests everywhere we went. Everything went without a hitch, such a joy when you meet a true professional in their field. Thank you laterallife NZ !

-Russell Kroon - Director, Mining. Queensland, Australia.

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